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Cost-Effectiveness of Air Charter

Know Your Real Travel Expenses And How To Reduce Them

Perform a Few Simple Calculations

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  1. How much are you worth to your company per hour? This is an amount higher than compensation; for example, for a sales person, this amount is the dollar value of expected sales.

  2. How many hours are required to travel to a frequent destination? Count from when you leave your home or business to when you return to your home or business.

  3. Multiply the answer to number one by the answer to number two. Do the same for every executive who travels with you. Then, add the answers to get a total personnel time expense. Add this expense to the ordinary transportation costs of the trip.

  4. Perform the same simple calculations as if you were making the trip by means of air charter. For help, please see "Before finalizing your calculations" below, and please call 205-637-8000 in Birmingham, AL, for an estimate of our price.


Important, although non-quantifiable:
How much is it worth to you and your traveling companions
to see a daughter play soccer or a son play baseball?
Generally, traveling by air charter allows you to be home at night.

Before finalizing your calculations,
please review these thoughts
to see if you missed anything.

By using air charter, you save personnel time in several ways:

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To preserve your insurance coverages, fly on an FAA approved carrier.

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